We are back with our second annual fund campaign!

Your investment will allow us to continue to expand the new types of effective therapies we provide to help those in our community who are dealing with mental illness, homelessness, substance abuse, and the aftermath of trauma.

Why are we doing this?
We are constantly improving our approaches to therapy, and we have seen firsthand that alternative interventions can complement traditional therapy like individual counseling and medication. Our staff provides clients with group classes including yoga, animal assisted therapy, and pain reduction, and our trained staff introduces exposure to nature and somatic therapy involving movement.

This full array of services, tailored to each client’s specific needs, helps Hyde Street meet the needs of people in San Francisco who struggle with complex and challenging mental health issues.

Take the case of one client who we will call Sean. Isolated in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district with untreated substance abuse and mental health issues for years, Sean recently re-engaged in treatment and joined our Nature Walk Group. Through the support of that group, Sean was able to enjoy other areas of the city, including his first visit to Ocean Beach in more than 10 years. That beautiful respite in September allowed Sean to experience the peace of the ocean waves breaking upon the shore, and the visit was immensely therapeutic and beneficial for him.

By investing in Hyde Street Community Services with a gift to the annual fund, you can help provide special services like these for Sean and so many others in need.