Our Impact


For almost 40 years, the Tenderloin Clinic has helped improve the lives of thousands of people, fulfilling our mission to empower individuals to live an independent and fulfilling life within the community.

On a larger scale, programs like Hyde Streeet Community Services and the Tenderloin Clinic help the City and County of SF save important public money. Studies show that people with access to preventative and supportive care use less emergency services, make less visits to the ER, and require less hospitalizations. Crime and recidivism rates also fall, thus, freeing up money from the jail system so it could be spent on social rehabilitation programs.

Here are just two examples, one of whom is now a peer-volunteer and has served on our Board of Directors:

“I started treatment at Hyde St. Community Services and the Tenderloin Clinic due to alcoholism. I was also suffering from depression and anxiety. The treatment, staff, and work at the community center brought my progress to light, like realizing myself in a clearing fog as a person and not just an “it”. 

The seven or so years of treatment at Hyde Street Community Services has taken me from drunken rages to volunteering at S.F. Center. I then became a part-time janitor. Now I am thinking ahead with good intentions; thanks to the services and care provided by this agency.” 

Thank You,



“I became a member at Hyde Street Community Services in 1995. I was down on my luck like no other time in my life. After an intake I became a member of the clubhouse (community center). Later, I was a candidate for peer counseling training. I completed that and went on to become a ‘self-help specialist’. I now work at San Francisco General Hospital once a week and volunteer at an office once a week. I’m not the only success story.”