Our mission is to provide comprehensive mental health and social rehabilitation services to the residents of San Francisco who are in need of these services to achieve and maintain the maximum quality of life and greatest degree of independence possible. These services are sensitive to the cultural, racial, and sexual diversity of the populations served and responsive to community input, adapting to the changing needs of the community and consumers



The Tenderloin Clinic first opened its doors in October 1975, with a mandate to provide outpatient mental health services to adult residents of the Tenderloin. Initially located at 200 Golden Gate, the Clinic was a component of the Community Care Center of Northeast Community Mental Health, Inc.

In July of 2003, the Clinic became an independent program of the Hyde Street Community Services, Inc. Over the years, the Clinic has maintained a reputation for quality services, continually anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of the population it serves. After more than ten years of operation, the clinic now serves over 1200 clients.